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IBA Associates Program 

Welcome to Integrity Biofeedback Inc. & Academy 

Associates Program! 

We are excited to offer you a chance to share the products that have impacted your lives and practices with others so that they also may experience these items.  As a thank you for sharing, IBA will offer you a commission on every sale you complete through IBA.  The commissions are listed in our Associates Program details. You may download a copy here.  

IBA will provide you with  marketing materials that you can download and print.  There will be a website with all of the products listed.  You will be able to click on the product you are interested in and you will be taken to pages with info and video. You can link to this page from your website.  You can put it into emails to anyone with whom you are working.  Our intent is to make a clean, concise explanation of the products available and support you as you share with others.   

Below are three forms, one for you to join the Associates Program,  one for you to complete for each individual with whom you are working, land finally the sale completion form. This information will be transferred to a database.  It will be important for you to fill out the forms completely for each referral in order to receive your commissions. 

All commissions will be paid within 5 business days after the sale is completed.   

We are excited to have you join us in opening the world to the amazing potential of energetic intervention, balance, and harmony!