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 Follow Your Gut


Instructor:  Sharron Oyer, MEd, CBS, CBI, SHL


Course Description:  The "ins and outs" of the digestive system:  Why the underlying features of chronic illnesses are all linked to stress in the digestive system as the precursor for their causes.   Did you know...The largest part of the immune system is found in the gut?  There are more nerve endings in the GI than in the spine?  All neurotransmitters are made in the gut? This course is filled with practical knowledge for anyone desiring information for personal use and also for all types of integrative practitioners. 


Available now as a self-study course!    Practitioners using other types of modalities will also benefit using this holistic approach.  Includes a case study for those desiring CEU credit for an optimal learning experience!  


Course packet includes "Follow Your Gut" student manual correlating with video instruction.  



Price:  $195 


    • Textbook:     One Cause, Many Ailments  By: John Pagano  (available on our bookstore)
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All IA webinar courses are recorded, allowing students unable to attend the live class, the opportunity to download the recorded class and listen at their convenience. 



Whether joining the class live or downloading and listening later, students will be awarded CEUs when all homework is completed. 

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