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Welcome!  Because you are reading this I know that you are on a journey, seeking health for yourself, family, friends, clients and patients.  Sometimes the simplest of acts changes our lives for ever...

My journey to L.I.F.E.  began as a wounded survivor, just like many of you.  My choices in life brought me to a place of illness and defeat, or so I thought.  The true plan was just about to unfold.  

For me it was the introduction of energy medicine and a system that could identify the underlying "stressors" creating the energetic imbalances within the energy field of my body. These imbalances eventually manifested the illness  I was experiencing. 

Today I am a biofeedback specialist and instructor.  I co-own a biofeedback practice and an
academy that sells the L.I.F.E. Systems and takes practitioners from start to the finish of their education for certification in the field of biofeedback.  We offer a full schedule of basic to advanced and on going courses. 

If you have questions after watching the video or would like information on how to purchase the system or a more in-depth demonstration, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours, or call our office at 239-221-8977. 

It is no accident that you came to this page, whether you were directed by a friend or you happened upon it alone.  You have a "Divine appointment". 

                I encourage you to choose LIFE!