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LIFE System Proficiency Training

Course Syllabus




Course Objective:


This course provides a basic, yet thorough, step by step guide on how to navigate the L.I.F.E. System from the moment the client walks in the door through the entire session.  Instruction on every profile within the LIFE System is included and how to use each one effectively.  You will also learn basic principles of:


  • Energy intervention: why and how the LIFE system works and the scientific basis for biofeedback
  • The origin of disease and disorders
  • Benefits of the L.I.F.E. System  (promotional DVD’s available for purchase)
  • Legal guidelines of using biofeedback in a professional setting


For NTCB course credit, a personal one hour Q & A time is included with instructor Brenda Judah.



Course Materials Included in Cost:


50 page Basic Training Manual:  designed by Integrity Biofeedback Academy


Instructor:  Brenda Judah, CBS, CBI, SHL  (15 plus years of experience using the LIFE System, as well as several other biofeedback devices, with clients and as an NTCB certified biofeedback instructor)



Cost:  $249.00

To purchase the training please use the 'Buy Now ' button below then complete the student registration form and submit.  


Upon receipt of your registration, you will be sent a user name and password to access course recordings and student notes through “Classrooms” tab


Outline of Course Recordings and Training Manual Notes:


  • Session 1:  Proficiency Training  Manual pp. 4-9   (40 minutes)
    • Basic Definitions, Basic Principles, the Origin of Disease and Disorders, General Information about the LIFE System
    • Session 2:  Proficiency Training  Manual  pp. 10-19  (1 hour  8 min)
      • Step by Step LIFE System Navigation:   Steps 1-12 


  • Session 3:  Proficiency Training  Manual  pp. 19-32  (1 hour  7 min)
    • Step by Step LIFE System Navigation: Steps 12 continued – Step 15


  • Session 4:  Proficiency Training  Manual  pp. 33- 38 (1 hour  35 min)
    • Instruction on Wellness profiles


  • Session 5:  Proficiency Training  Manual  pp. 38 -50  (1 hour )
    • Instruction on Wellness profiles; Appendix information






L.I.F.E. Proficiency Training
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