Integrity Biofeedback Academy

Our Mission...

Igniting practitioners
to the
dawn of  a new paradigm 

New Client Packet



In-take Forms:


ü Adult and Child’s Basic Information Intake form

ü Authorization of Record Release form


Forms to Give to Client:


ü Session Information Form given to client with disclaimer

ü How to Get the Most Out of your Biofeedback Session


Specific iNfinity Panel Explanation Forms:


ü Chakra Energy Circuits (Related Organs & Physical Dysfunctions, Related Mental and Emotional Issues)

ü Meridian channels and related emotions

ü Chart of Spinal Misalignment Physical Issues and Effects

ü Spinal Chart of Emotions

ü Organ Meridian Systems Chinese Body Clock

ü NET (Neuro Emotional Training) Chart


Biofeedback / iNfinity App Promotional Information:


ü The Benefits of relaxation techniques

ü The Scientific Basis for Biofeedback Technology

ü Frequently Asked Questions

ü Why Biofeedback


v Customized Forms are emailed to you in PDF format.



Total Cost:   $49